2018 Summer Festival, August 9 - 11 in Mammoth Lakes, tickets available soon

Friday and Saturday concerts at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Mammoth Lakes
2018 Composer in residence is Amir ElSaffar, and featured soloist are Nadia Sirota and Javier Morales Martinez

Thursday, August 9th: Musical Mystery Dinner

Friday, August 10th: Free Community Concert
George Walker: Lyric for strings (6’)
Nielsen: Clarinet Concerto, soloist Javier Morales Martinez
Owen Pallett: Five Women (Nadia Sirota, viola)
Haydn: Symphony No. 104

Saturday, August 11th: Festival Concert
Mozart: Abduction from the Seraglio Overture (6’)
Amir ElSaffar: New Work
Brahms: Symphony No. 2 

Meet some of our 2018 Summer young artists: 

Cecilia McIntyre Student Musician

Eli Reisz Student Musician

Scarlet Chen Student Musician

Alex Mirzabeigi Student Musician

Andrés Engleman Student Musician

Aimée McAnulty Fellow

Deanna Badizadegan Fellow

Jacqueline Ching Fellow

Naoya Kanai Fellow

The Sierra Summer Festival is the oldest summer festival in Mammoth Lakes.  When it started, it encompassed many different genres of music and even some other arts, but it has recently coalesced into a professional symphony orchestra festival.  The Eastern Sierra Symphony 2016 concerts were, by all reports, the highest quality symphony concerts ever heard in Mammoth Lakes.  This summer, thanks in part to the funds from the TOML, SSF/ESS was able to invite three times as many professional musicians as had ever performed there before. In addition, the Symphony was able to expand the orchestra fellowship program which brings talented pre-professional musicians up to Mammoth to sit side-by-side with the seasoned professionals.  The combination of the youthful enthusiasm with the professional’s experience produced a feeling of electric excitement felt by all of the audience.

This program is not only unique to the Eastern Sierra, it is practically unique to the country.  There is no other side-by-side program that we are aware of that keeps the professionals, the pre-professionals, and the students all working together for the entirety of the festival.  In the summer of 2015, the youngest member of the orchestra was 9 years old, and the oldest was in his 70s.  Creating this unique dynamic and learning experience has been a goal of the Sierra Summer Festival for several years, and it is gratifying and rewarding that SSF was able to create this quality learning experience and concert week.


Students performing at The Sierra Nevada Resort and Spa during a special viewing at the 2016 Summer Music Festival.