About Alex Mirzabeigi

Born on May 18, 2004 in Burbank, California, Alex Mirzabeigi developed a love for music at a very young age. Alex has been attending Colburn since 2009 and has expanded his music career in many areas, including percussion, piano, clarinet, and guitar. He has participated in group programs, such as the Junior Chorus, the Jazz Ensemble and the newly-formed Percussion Ensemble. He has enjoyed performing at many Friday Night Recitals and Colburn School Recitals, jazz and percussion concerts, as well as the Colburn Musical Encounter community outreach program. Alex is attending Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada, Flintridge. He has been studying percussion with Jerry Kalaf, Kenneth McGrath, Jacob Reed and Nick Mancini. He has also been studying piano with Dr. Heewon Kwon since 2010 and has participated in the Dream Orchestra annual concerts since 2013 under the direction of Daniel Suk.